Top Tips for Shopping Safely

Safely Shopping

Leather Leisure has finally gone online. For close to three decades, we have been there for every big journey that our customers have faced, whether it be their first day of school, a visit to a loved family member, an exciting journey through South Africa’s beautiful landscapes or even a trip of a lifetime overseas. As times have changed, we have taken the leap to be there for our customers 24/7. As we do this we would like to share with our customers our top tips to shopping online.

1. Leather Leisure will NEVER request for your details over email or phone

The only time when there will be sharing of data is when a user profile is created. Rest assured that Leather Leisure complies completely with the PoPI Act – we will ensure that all information obtained from our customers will remain safe and secure. We will never request for your information over email. Never send emails that contain personal information such as your card number and expiry date, or supply these details over the phone. If there are any communication containing Leather Leisure that may seem fraudulent please report them to support@leatherleisure.co.za.

2. Look for the lock🔒

Only transact on secure websites (like ours). Look for the lock image on the toolbar, valid certificates such as VeriSign and secure payment systems such as PayGate. When you get to the page where you enter your credit card or other personal information, look for an ‘s’ after ‘http://’ in the web address of that page – it should read: ‘https://’. The encryption is a security measure that scrambles your data as it is entered.

3. Do your online shopping in safe places

Don’t do your shopping in coffee shops and malls. With public Wi-Fi, there’s a bigger chance for fraudsters to intercept your connection and get hold of your usernames and passwords.

4. Use strong passwords

Don’t create a password that is easy to guess or hack. Use an 8-digit password combination of upper case letters, symbols and numbers. Did you know that a simple 6-letter password will take a hacker 10 minutes to crack but the 8-digit one described above would take them 463 years? Get more tips on password security here.

5. Keep track of your bank statements

Check your statements regularly for any unverified transactions, as well as to ensure that no fraudulent charges are happening on your accounts.

6. Stay Safe and Enjoy!

We will do our very best to make any online experience from Leather Leisure enjoyable and safe. We truly appreciate your support!

Check out our video on the topic:

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