Need The Perfect Handbag?👜

Here’s our top tips to select the best

After close to three decades of serving our communities needs to pack up and travel, whether its everyday to work or to the “jol” on a Friday night, here’s Leather Leisure’s top tips for picking the very best handbag:

  • Functionality

Every handbag has its purpose – make sure you start with a handbag that you can match with different functions and style to best suit your needs. A great bag will be light, have easy access to all valuables but secure while being carried.

  • Structure

A quality bag will not collapse when you are putting it down. A bag with feet will turn heads for sure. Having a bag with different compartments can help organising all necessities.

  • Durability

Leather Leisure supplies warranty guaranteed leather handbags with a complementary dust-bag and stuffing to store your bag, so that the shape and form of your bag stays pristine.

  • Buying a handbag for someone as a gift?

Look at their current handbag, and give them a bag that will best suit their lifestyle – if they enjoy it currently that is. For example:

  • If someone likes to be “hands-free”, a crossbody bag will be great to maneuver around easily.
  • If someone enjoys going to smart functions, a beautiful clutch bag will be the best, just make sure that it can fit all necessities (especially a cellphone).
  • Speak to any of Leather Leisure’s sales consultants or our friendly chat bot for more information

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